Monday, September 10, 2007

Alternative Music - it doesn't exist

Hi folks, I have another fine post from guest blogger Kevin Hiscock (aka Radio Gnome who is behind Radio Hidebound, Dial Spot: H9)

I also wanted to mention that we've made a few changes to The Dial. Namely, we've improved the horizontal scrolling, so now it's pretty easy to get to the far right without having to spend $3000 on a high-end monitor.
Secondly, we've added two extra Bands. Although there is room on the Main Band, most new stations will be placed on the Overflow Band. Last, but not least, we've forced the entire Dial to be black-and-white. Previously, there were a few spots that defied this rule. We've fixed that so it's all in B&W. Basically the reason for making the Dial B&W is so that we can overlay colour to convey more information, such as search results and Bookmarks/Presets.

Now, onto Kevin's post:


Alternative Music - it doesn't exist
(or, how pompous can Americans really be?)

It's a pet peeve of mine. In general, I don't particularly like "labeling" music. Like songs are people working in Dilbert and the simple-minded must create cubicles for the songs to work in. But "Alternative Music" as a "genre" of music simply pisses me off.

Alternative Music - what the fuck is that? Ooooh, it's a bunch of greasy long-hairs from Seattle (disclaimer: I'm a greasy long hair from D.C.). What about Toure Kunda? Or Geoffrey Oryema? Or C Cat Trance? Or nowdays, fucking Tchaikovsky. Any kind of music will ALWAYS have an alternative.

The word "alternative", for those who give a shit, was coined because "the labelers" figured out "college radio" wasn't really a label for music, but a FORMAT for a radio station. For a radio station, the word "alternative" makes sense since the majority of radio stations are sheep. Before the Internet, "alternative" meant something for a radio station. Now, not so much. Thank Goddess. But this "Alternative Music" label crap has GOT TO GO.

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